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I was just diagnosed with stage 2. What does that mean?
I'm sorry to hear about your diagnosis. Stage 2 kidney disease means that there is some evidence of kidney damage, with a mild to moderate decrease in kidney function. In this stage, the kidneys are functioning at a rate of 60-89 mL/min, which is slightly reduced from the normal GFR rate of 90 mL/min.
Should I change my diet at all in this stage?
You may need to limit your intake of certain foods that can contribute to further kidney damage, such as foods high in sodium, potassium and phosphorus. You may need to also limit your protein intake. Your healthcare provider may recommend that you eat more fruits and vegetables, and choose lean sources of protein instead of fatty meats. It's important to work with your doctor and dietician to create an appropriate diet plan for you.
Kidnee is growing to become the go-to platform for managing kidney disease outside of the doctor’s office.
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Track what’s important.
Monitor key vitals, lab tests and nutrients to track progress with helpful insights.
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Manage what matters.
Manage medications, appointments and care team contacts from a single location.
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Learn what will help.
Access education, recipes and other resources curated for where you are in your journey.
Kidnee’s features continue to grow.
Easily search kidney-friendly recipes and see relevant nutritional information for the renal diet.
Track your fluid intake and output based on where you are in your journey and if you are on dialysis.
Track key lab test results such as creatinine, eGFR, Albumin, and Blood Urea Nitrogen.
Log meals throughout the day with an easy-to-use search and see how they impact your key nutrient levels against your daily targets.
Easily search for medications to add to your regimen to stay organized and track compliance on a daily basis.
Prepare for appointments by organizing your goals, questions and symptoms for discussion with your doctors.
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